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Detailing Tips For Auto Enthusiasts

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Top 5 Environmentally-Friendly Car Cleaning Products For Your Car

car cleaning products recycleWhen auto detailing at home, wash water is likely to run off into storm drains where chemical cleaners don't belong. Choosing eco-friendly car cleaning products for your car wash and detailing protects your health and demonstrates a responsible attitude for the environment.

Whether it's an auto shampoo or a tire cleaner you're looking for, there are several environmentally friendly cleaning companies that offer safe car cleaning products that are just as efficient as other brands.

Simple Green

Simple Green is an eco-friendly line of best selling all-purpose cleaners available everywhere. While many detailers use the all-purpose soap for both exterior and interior surface cleaning, Simple Green also sells the Simple Green Car Wash Concentrate.  It is custom blended to remove dirt and grease but is still safe for delicate finishes.

Eco Touch Waterless

Waterless car wash cleaners don't just avoid water, they are safe to handle and don't harm the environment if they are eco-friendly. Eco Touch Waterless is a spray on and wipe off car cleaner that saves water without VOCs, fragrances or dyes.

Eco Touch Microfiber Towels

Eco Touch also offers a line of environmentally friendly towels. They are soft, safe to use and can wash and be put back to work over fifty times. These towels will pick up dirt instead of smearing it into your paint job and save rolls of paper towels in the long run.

Green Earth Technologies Organic Glass Cleaner

Green Earth offers an eco-friendly glass cleaner for all of your automotive glass. It breaks down bugs and other proteins and leaves glass streak free. This product biodegrades and is non-toxic. It's not just safe for the environment, it's safe for you.

Car Planet Tire Shine

Getting tires clean and shiny doesn't require harsh chemicals. Besides the right brush, an environmentally safe tire cleaner like Car Planet Tire Shine will make tires gleam and repel dirt, all without soaps or petroleum solvents.

Cleaning products and wash water can be harmful to the environment where you live, if they're full of soap, oil and other chemicals. Car washing at home with environmentally safe car cleaning products protects rivers and streams, and the storms drains the lead to them. Using eco-friendly resources will reduce water usage and keep dangerous chemicals out of local waterways, protecting people and the natural wildlife that depend on us. 

Photo Credit: Reduce Reuce Recycle


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