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Detailing Tips For Auto Enthusiasts

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Auto Detailing Tools: The Benefits of Claying For Your Car

auto detailing tools clayingStubborn spots, stains and other debris alter the smooth texture of your paint job. Claying works by pulling and removing particles from the paint surface. A spray-on lubricant product is applied at the same time so that a clay bar can be pressed, pulled and peeled up from the surface without causing any damage. It's not necessary to clay more than a few times a year, depending on how much you drive and where, but claying should be a routine part of your car care. There are three benefits to claying you should consider as you accumulate auto detailing tools that include a quality clay kit made specifically for your type of exterior finish.


As you drive and park your car, the environment wears on the surface. All manner of plant, animal and air-borne contaminants attach themselves and bond to the paint job over a period of time. Washing simply cannot remove all of these sticky particles. Claying is a gentle type of abrasive that can do the rest of the job without scratching.


When your car's exterior surface isn't clean, it has a dull appearance with no shine. This is caused by the contamination that causes the surface to be uneven and bumpy, reducing the gloss and shine. The claying process cleans thoroughly, making the surface smooth and even. This smoothing out technique helps light to reflect properly so that your paint job gleams just as well as it did when you first drove it off the lot.  


Claying cleans your car to a smooth finish beyond what you get by just washing with soap. With the surface clean and smooth, it will bond better with wax and polishes used to protect and enhance a glossy finish. This improved bonding means your car's finishes will be protected and stay clean a little longer.

Claying is not a complicated process and doesn't have to take a lot of time. Because it isn't necessary to clay every time you detail, the process is worth the extra investment and results. It isn't that much more expensive to keep a clay kit with your auto detailing tools.  This important detailing process helps the exterior last longer, which is not only a major benefit for appearances while you own the car, but claying properly at routine intervals will make it easier to sell when the time comes. 

Photo Credit: Clay Soil


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