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Detailing Tips For Auto Enthusiasts

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Car Waxing Tools: How To Properly Hand Wax Your Car

car waxing tools new carPart of routine detailing is properly waxing your car. Whether you prefer to use power car waxing tools, such as a dual action polisher, or if you prefer to wax by hand, waxing is an important step in detailing that should be done only after you have washed and dried your car thoroughly.

Car wax is a beneficial protective product composed of carnauba, a wax made from the leaves of a Brazilian palm plant. Along with added polymers, carnauba wax protects the paint coat of your car from damage and leaves a deep shine. Once you choose the wax best suited for your car, make sure you have lint-free towels from your car detailing tools kit on hand.


It's important to make sure your car's surface is completely dry before you begin. If any moisture combines with the wax, unsatisfying streaks and swirls will result.  Also, make sure your car is not sitting in hot, direct sunlight. Shade is best so that the wax doesn't dry too quickly while you work.


Using a hand wax applicator, such as a poly foam type sponge, apply a thin coat to your work area. Buff off the first coat with a microfiber towel. There is usually a curing period before a second coat can be applied. If your wax applicator becomes saturated, replace it with a clean one. Do the same while buffing to keep the surface of your towel from becoming coated with wax.

Touch Ups

After you've waited the appropriate amount of time for the wax to cure, apply a second coat following the same steps, keeping your car waxing tools clean. For streaks or other flaws, use a detailing spray to dampen the area then rebuff.

How often you wax your car depends on how often you drive it and in what environmental conditions. To check and see if the car exterior needs another waxing, try a simple water test by pouring a little water over the surface. If the water beads, there is still wax on the surface. If it runs, it's probably time for another wax.

Waxing is a necessary part of detailing that will help your paint job last longer. It restores shine and helps fight environmental damage from rain and sunlight. A coat of wax will protect your finish by repelling dirt and other buildup, making all of your hard work worth the effort.  

Photo Credit: taberandrew via Flickr


Nice post - short and to the point!
Posted @ Friday, January 25, 2013 5:57 AM by Jax Wax
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