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Best Car Interior Cleaning Products To Get Stains Out Of Floor Mats

Best car interior cleaning productsFloor mats take a beating as one of the most used accessories of your car's interior. Eliminating stains from your floor mats and vacuuming them regularly will keep your interior looking clean and smelling fresh. The best car interior cleaning products can be purchased commercially, or you can try natural, inexpensive methods.

Commercial Cleaners:

Blue Coral DC22 Upholstery Cleaner is a popular, highly rated spot remover designed for auto upholstery and floor mats. It's effective on grease, tar, ink and protein stains. This product also has an odor eliminator for pet stains.

BlueMagic 900 Carpet Stain & Spot Lifter is another stain remover that works well on upholstery and mats. It can be used on old stains and requires no vacuuming.

Folex is a dependable stain remover for both home and auto. It removes stains of all types, and no scrubbing is required. Folex comes as a spray that is activated with your fingers then blotted with a clean, white cloth.

Commercial Degreasers

Some car detailers prefer a degreaser for removing heavy stains from old, filthy car mats. Always use the least amount of recommended product. Too much degreaser can fade or damage car mats. Apply a degreaser solution and let it soak in. Use a brush and bucket of clean water to agitate the degreaser into the stains and work them out. Use additional water to rinse away foam buildup. Last, blot with a clean towel and let the mat dry before a final vacuum.


If you are looking for a natural, home remedy for your car mats, consider using ammonia and a hot iron. First, soak the stain with a clear ammonia. Let it set for several minutes then scrub the stain with an appropriate brush. After the stain has been scrubbed, cover it with a damp, white towel. Iron over the towel with an iron on the steam setting.

Replace the towel with a clean towel and continue ironing until the stain is removed. Exchange towels as each one absorbs the red stain to avoid rubbing the stain back into the carpet.

Climbing in and out of your car is a necessary evil, but car mats are there to protect your interior. Although any method of stain removal will usually take more than one try, a little extra effort with one of the best car interior cleaning products will keep your car mats looking like new.

Photo Credit to Bryn Pinzgauer via Flickr



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