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Detailing Tips For Auto Enthusiasts

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Tough Car Cleaning Tips: Muffler Cleaning And Everything In Between

Muffler CleaningWhen you're detailing your car from one end to the other, it's important to remember that muffler cleaning is an important step that will help keep your exhaust parts maintained and looking good. It may seem like a dirty job, but cleaning your exhaust will help it last longer and perform better.

Friendly Filtering

Today's modern vehicles are more environmentally friendly than their predecessors. Before venting your emissions out into the atmosphere, there is a cleaning process that help keeps dangerous pollutants from being expelled. This is good news for the air quality around where you live, but another reason you need to commit to keeping your exhaust system in top condition.

Cleaning Tips

It'd be convenient if you could simply clean off your muffler with a wet down from a water hose, but spraying a muffler can cause rust, making it more difficult to clean the next time, and marring its shine.

A safer and more efficient muffler cleaning begins with wiping down the inside of your tips with a soft, clean towel or brush to remove the build up of soot and other chemical deposits. Spray or wipe down the exhaust with a damp towel soaked in a commercial exhaust cleaner. Some detailers use a simple solution of warm water and a small amount of gentle dish soap.

Sometimes after a thorough cleaning, there are still carbon deposits and water stains left behind. A piece of steel wool is generally safe to use on these spots and will help get rid of them. Always rinse off any remaining cleaner and then dry those parts completely with another clean microfiber towel.

Examine your muffler once it's dry and decide if it's lost some shine. If so, you can apply an aluminum or chrome polish with another safe, dry towel and rub it in until your tips are glowing once again.

A Last Word

Mufflers don't just protect you and the environment from dangerous gases. They muffle the sounds of your engine to an acceptable noise level. All of this activity makes mufflers dirty and less effective. Although they can be replaced, keeping your exhaust system clean will keep everything in working order and help it last.

Photo Credit:  NightRStar via Flickr


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